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Jan 2013 & its with much excitement we announce that our amazing Straight Egyptian filly and Australian Champion Top 10 yrling filly, Truly Exquisite is being bred to Sierra Lodge's amazing Cremello Stallion, "Odyssey White Tiger" (Odyssey Golden Legend x Odyssey Ritzy Edition) him being 87.5% Arabian which the resulting foal will be Palomino and of 93.75% arabian blood. 

It has been a dream of mine since childhood years to want a beautiful palomino but have been waiting for the time to come to breed that special foal... that time has arrived and ever so excited about the resulting foal.  Please see below photo's of Truly Exquisite and Odyssey White Tiger and imagine just how awesome this foal will be !



Thanks to Lee-Ann McClelland from Sierra Lodge Coloured Arabians for allowing us to display photo's of her magnificent cremello stallion on our website.  Please feel
welcome to visit Sierra Lodge's website for more information.  Click on link to take you there.

Sierra Lodge Coloured Arabians

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