Allyndah Arabians
  Purebred Mares

**Allyndah El Kazrah**

Sire:  Vega - (Bremervale Viking x Bremervale Nastassia)
Dam: Miay Maree Amar - (Rodlore Asilan x Clover Park Spinmist)

D.O.B  7th November 1993

El Kazrah was the first foal that we bred in 1993 and still lives with us today, alive and healthy...  I remember the day as if it was only yesterday.  Her dam was a regal white mare that was saved from the doggers in immaciated shocking condition and she was restored back to good health and then we leased her and bred our 1st foal.  That morning when Kaz was born i had to drive to Port Macquarie so you can imagine how excited yet dissapointed i was when i seen my mare was getting very close to foaling and i wasnt going to be there to see our first ever foal born for our stud..  Thankfully my husband was and at 7am El Kazrah was born.. the most beautiful dark liver chestnut filly foal... what a dream come true she was..  to say that El Kazrah was spoilt was an understatement.. Kaz grew into a lovely grey mare of substance and strong bone.. amazing movement and temperament.. she was broken to saddle as a 2 yr old and was ridden occasionally and always such a good girl.. never a fuss to saddle Kaz up.  She has bred us 5 beautiful foals, 4 fillies and 1 colt foal.    

 **Briarwoods Sweet Expectation**

Sire: Desperado - (WN Dasjmir x Bremervale Aquarius)
Dam: Briarwoods Khamelia - (Khardo Mordo Khamsin x Bremervale Fedora)

D.O.B - 19th November 1996

Zena is a tall exotic mare, measuring 15.1hh. . Zena has produced
a couple of exceptional foals for us but she has become my treasured
riding horse & we have put her breeding days on hold.  Zena has the
best temperament that anyone could wish for..  I can leave Zena for
weeks/months on end on full feed and then call my girl, saddle her
up and she takes me on a casual calm enjoyable ride without any
issue's what so ever..if i have to round the cattle up, Zena is the horse..
she is FANTASTIC under saddle, no vices what so ever & i am so
honoured to have this mare grazing our paddocks & now my riding horse...

Tested CA Clear

Still to be tested for SCID & LFS

A very pregnant  "Zena" after her bath - Photo taken 29-12-08

"Simeon Shoshana" (With my sister in Purple Shirt) & "Briarwoods Sweet Expectation"
Photo taken on 14-9-08 before a trail ride.. Two treasured mare's.

**Allyndah Shanarrah**

Sire: Beltara Ibn Sochain - (Simeon Sochain x Desert Fox Soliya)
Dam: Joda Shanah - (Joda Shahboogie x Katrinka)

CA Clear

Still to be tested for SCID & LFS

Gorgeous purebred arabian mare, measuring 14.2hh, very pretty and so quiet with
the most easy going lovable nature. Shanarrah has had one amazing foal and was
a brilliant mother to her foal. She is a young kind mare and a lovely girl to have around. 

** Charaway Truly Precious **

(True Colours x DÁmors Shakari Khan)

One of only 4 daughters of her internationally renowned exotic sire here in Australia, it was a fantastic opportunity to have been able to purchase this beautiful mare and have her in amongst our broodmares. 
To say she is rare on Australian soil is an understatement and we are very honoured to call her ours.  We are very excited to see what she produces for us, we know her bloodlines work for us.. now to see the result when time comes !

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