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  A Special Filly - Egyptian Rose

Yu Tube Video Link of Egyptian Rose taken on 5th October 2009, see how this beautiful filly is growing !

**Allyndah Egyptian Rose** - A Very Special Filly

This page is dedicated to a very special filly, "Allyndah Egyptian Rose".   We knew Rose was special from the moment she was born.  Here is her story..

It all started in early 2006 when a Victorian Stallion Tendor was held to raise money for a Club & they had some amazing stallions on offer as a tender for the 2006 breeding season.  I have never participated in this type of offer before mainly because i dont like to send my mare's out to stud as they are treasured and always worried if something would happen to them.. Anyway i always admired a certain stallion listed and thought, wouldnt it be lovely to send one of my girls to this stallion, but i have to win the tender first !!  I submitted my tender and surprisingly "WE WON IT".. we were wrapped... i had a fair idea which mare i was going to send as i studied her pedigree and talked with the stallions owner and it was agreed that the mare would be sent to be mated with the Stallion...

"Alshinfarahh" - Allyndah Egyptian Rose's Sire

Photo taken by L. Christiansen

The Straight Egyptian stallion is named "Alshinfarrah" (PVA Sonbali IMP USA x Daafinnah Imp USA) & he is located in Qld at Micheal & Deb Scott's Arabian stud named "Argyle Lodge Arabians".   The mare chosen to be his wife was our beautiful Straight Egyptian mare "Jaytee Exquisite" (The Fugitive IMP USA x Arabian Park Bentina).  To cut a long story short, all went well and Exquisite come home positive preg tested in foal.. we were over the moon... now for the wait !!!  

They say we are tested for reasons, to this day i am still trying to figure out what was the reason..hahhaaa...  Exquisite started bagging up aprox 10 weeks prior to her foaling date... you could say i mildly freaked !!!  Vet was called and yep.. she was threatening to foal early so Exquisite was put on Regumate daily to slow things down a bit...  On 3rd December 2007 at 11.30pm Exquisite foaled 4 weeks early a very healthy, fat filly foal... Oh i couldnt beleive my eye's... & it was a filly !!!  & most important alive and very healthy...

"The night she was born" 3-12-07  -  " Egyptian Rose"

Exquisite took to motherhood like she was old hat at it.. she is a brilliant mother to say the least...  Micheal & Deb Scott were contacted and we were all thrilled to bits... They even made the trip down from Qld to see the girl themselves only to be overwhelmed with what they saw that day.. they too were very impressed with the result of the mating..

"Egyptian Rose"  Photo taken 16-12-07 @ 2 weeks old

Plans galore for this filly.. she was not let out with the others until she was about 4 mths old... then it was decided she needed to mingle with other foals... she was getting a tad too cheeky for her own good with us human's... so off she went out with the other foals to learn how to be a foal & interact with other foals alike.. she loved this... and it settled her cheekiness towards her adult owners too..

"Egyptian Rose" - 24-2-08

"Rose" with her Dam, Jaytee Exquisite on 5-4-08

Time for weaning.. Allyndah had 4 foals born in 2007.. Rose was the last foal to be weaned and the other 3 were all brilliant foals to handle & teach the human ways too.. with Rose though.. we thought she had a little bit more spirit about her and not to mention she was moddy coddled by us and spoilt wrotten, cause she was so good, so to speak !!  

The day arrived.. she was weaned from her mother in the stable.  All went well, no drama's, silliness or anything.. we were shocked.. she ate all her tucker given to her and looked for more... The first day, Allan had the halter on her and tied up... the exact words from my husband was "she's gonna be easy & super smart" !!  & that she was.... Rose has never given us a day's grief from day one from weaning her.. she has the most unbeleivable temperament anyone could ask for... its like she understands every word you say.. never a hassle, never a problem and as sweet as a Rose, hence how she got her name "Allyndah Egyptian Rose".

Rose was paddocked after weaning in her own paddock which consist of 6bar 2.3mtr Cattle panels down the entire boundry fence of her paddock and also down the middle of the paddock as we had split the paddock into two.  The other fencing is heavy guage wire netting clipped and strained onto the plain wire fencing... we wanted her to be in the safest paddock possible as i had all intentions on taking Rose to a couple of AA Class Shows come October 2008.  She was to be sent to our trainers prior to this to be prepared for the up coming shows.. she was to be our next superstar for Allyndah.

"Egyptian Rose" - Photo taken 15th June 08

On 26th June 2008, whilst i was away attending to a Family funeral in Caloundra Qld, Rose injured herself in her paddock... My hubby said, he had no idea how she has done it.. but she has terribly injured her neck as she was holding it very stiff & when she moved it, it gave out this almightly "clunk/crack" sound..... She was to be on her way to the trainers the following week for show preparation....A vet was called and Xray's were done on the following Tuesday & Xray's revealed she has a crushing fracture to the C1-2 Vertebrea & Fractured Atlas.  Thankfully these was no nerve compression, & this was most important she didnt have this as to look at her she seems normal, although stiff in the neck area and a terrible crack to her movement of the neck... 


Rose was to be on Bute for the next 14 days, (Thanks to Kerry from Krystal Creek Arabians who had left over oral bute from her filly with a broken neck and i was able to get this off Kerry otherwise i would have had to have waited till the Monday to get any pain releif).   Rose is to be completely confined to a small stable for the next 6-8 weeks, she is to be kept very calm and quiet & there was talk of actually sedating her for the first week... this didn't have to be done as Rose just loves her stable as she was stabled every night after being weaned and always looked forward to her warm stable and feed of an evening & not to mention her brilliant temperament made all the difference.  She was to have Metsal rubbed into the area every few days, this proved to be uncomfortable for Rose as i beleive it must had burned her a tad, although no sign of any skin irritation but i stopped applying this and she calmed down a bit when i was to go near the area where the injury was..   

12th July 2008 Enjoying her Grass and first Massage

Today (pictured above) we started to give her massages with our Equissage Massage machine around the front of her chest and muscles around her shoulder blade etc... we were told that we were not allowed to massage near her fracture so we keep away from this area for a while yet...  She has taken to her massage easily and totally enjoyed it... Every day she get's a bucket of freshly cut grass which she eats every bit off and enjoys this treat... with her being in the stable 24/7 for the next couple of months i am worried she may miss out on some nutritional things so all care has been taken to feed her correctly with the assistance of a balanced feed, lucernce Hay, a lick block she has access too and fresh grass that is cut daily for her..

Sunday 27th July 2008

Rose has spent 4 weeks confined to her stable, undergoing daily massage's and although we are not seeing a great deal of difference in regards to her neck clunking & cracking but she does seem to be bending her neck a bit easier, some days more so then others.  Today we decided that we transfer Rose into a larger stable so she can have a bit more room to move.  She has been such a brilliant patient all along and we took her out of the stable today for a walk around and a well earned stretched and then she spent an hour in the round yard for a bit of time to herself and some open fresh air.. she was such a sensible filly, not once did she ever try to pull on the lead that was leading her, ever so gentle... here are some photo's taken today.

Sunday 27th July 2008 - Rose having her first walk outside of the stable.

Rose getting her daily brush and Massage in which she loves !

Sunday 17th August 2008

7 Weeks since injury date & Rose is allowed to come out into the paddock for the first time for a good few hours to enjoy some grass she can actually pick herself and to enjoy the sunlight.  Rose is coming along fine although a very nervy time this morning introducing her out into the paddock again.. you could say there was 7 weeks of stored energy to expell and i was a tad nervous to say the least watching her run around, kicking her legs up with some bronco style movements.. You could say Rose enjoyed herself.  

Sept 2008 - Its Spring & Rose is out in her own paddock again !!

Egyptian Rose has spent her 8 weeks in the stable, now she is able to grace a lovely paddock of grass and be a horse again and she is loving it !!  She is coming along fine and looks to be getting more movement in her neck all the time. She hasn't look back condition wise and enjoys laying in the sun and frolicking in the paddock..  

Egyptian Rose with her Paddock Mate Ally - Nov 08

25th January 2009 - Australia Day

Egyptian Rose - Photo's below taken 19-10-09

We will keep you updated on her progress... she is one very special filly... even if she never grace's the show ring, although this is not ruled out... but she will be a very valuable future broodmare for Allyndah....

Update:  20th January 2011

Egyptian Rose was bred to the lovely Straight Egyptian stallion "True Vision" (True Colours x Eastwinds Elluscion) and come home preg tested positive in foal to him.. we were so thrilled... although still pregnant.. Rose has endured another nasty injury,  a few days before the flood on 11th January 2011, Rose severely cut her back leg to the bone with bone exposed and done a tendon, skid marks were seen on the paddock into the fence, i would say.. they have been hooning around the paddock and with the ground being so wet from constant rains since October long weekend in 2010, she has slid into the wire fencing, catching her leg in the wire as the wire was broken.. thankfully only the front tendon was done but bad enough... she is now in "Ward 1" so to speak again.. bandaged up and confined to a smaller paddock to let her leg heal and the tendon re-attach... she is going well... and HOPEFULY wont slip her foal.. fingers crossed... Rose is such a brilliant patient.. so understanding and helpful..

Several weeks into the healing process of her leg and Egyptian Rose has shown full on season to our Stallion whilst we were doing a bandage change.. i couldnt beleive it but could understand if she had slipped the foal with the stress and pain she has endured with this leg injury..  anyway another pregnancy test was done and she is still carrying her True Vision foal.. oh the feeling of relief !

Egyptian Rose tests us again... this time she decides to exit out of the stable over the wall when she got a fright and scalped herself... "literally" !!  I couldnt believe it.. if this mare has this foal i will pop a bottle of Champaign when its born... and i believe it will be a filly. cause no colt could endure the stress and pain as what this foal in utero has experienced..  :-))  So time will tell..

5th June 2011 - Egyptian Rose is going really well and showing a huge foal belly.. she is well, foal is active and she looks a picture of health. 

Egyptian Rose - June 2011


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