Allyndah Arabians
  Straight Egyptian Females

Introducing some phenominal Straight Egyptian mares & young fillies that are a treasured component to our Straight Egyptian Breeding Programme.

"Jaytee Exquisite"

Sire: The Fugitive Imp
Dam: Arabian Park Bentina

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CA, SCID & LFS Clear

**Exquisite has been tested positive in foal to our 90.6% Cremello stallion for a Palomino or Buckskin foal of 95.3% Arabian Blood.  This foal will be offered for sale** Due September 2014.

Her name describes her beauty ! She truly is an "Exquisite Arabian Mare" !!   This mare is an exceptional asset to Allyndah who is breeding the utmost quality of foals for us, she is worth her weight in Gold.. Very extreme headed mare, strong boned and correct bodied, awesome movement and a prolific producing broodmare for Allyndah.  Our Straight Egyptian breeding program is centred around this beautiful mare's daughters, whom we have retained, Allyndah Egyptian Rose by Alshinfarrah (PVA Sonbali x Dafiinahh), Allyndah Truly Exquisite by True Vision (True Colours x Eastwinds Elluscion).

Latest photo of Jaytee Exquisite -  1-1-2013

Exquisite & her daughter Truly Exquisite - Pic taken 19-2-12

Pic taken 19-2-12


"Jaytee Exquisite"  Photo taken 5-4-08

"Allyndah Egyptian Rose" 

Sire:  Alshinfarrah
Dam: Jaytee Exquisite

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CA, SCID & LFS Clear

Egyptian Rose was born in 2007 and she is the dream foal we have planned for many years.. She is just a beautifully conformed filly foal, with the most loving temperament.  Her sire "Alshinfarahh" is a son of "PVA Sonbali" Imp USA  (Ruminaja Ali x Imperial Sonboleen) out of a renowned mare named "Dafiinahh" Imp USA (Ruminaja Ali x Ansata Wanisa).  Rose's dam is "Jaytee Exquisite" being the exotic daughter of "The Fugitive" Imp USA (Thee Desperado x AK Aleka).  This now young mare has the most amazing big black eye's, short broad dishy head and a compact strong correct body with sound leg structure.. she truly is an exceptional Straight Egyptian  and we are ever so proud to have bred her.  She is breathtaking within her own beauty !! 

The very Beautiful, Egyptian Rose 8-7-12

Egyptian Rose - Photo taken 20-2-11

Egyptian Rose - Pic taken Nov 2013

"Allyndah Egyptian Rose"    Photo taken 15-6-08

 **Allyndah Truly Exquisite**

Sire: True Vision
Dam: Jaytee Exquisite

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CA, SCID & LFS Clear

2011 Top 10 Australian Champion Yrling Filly

Please view Truly Exquisite's own page for up to date photo's & information

Photo by Sharon Meyers

**Elrebel Sundancer**

Sire: Simeon Solomon
Dam:  El Semir Serenity

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CA, SCID & LFS Clear

Dancer is an amazing Straight Egyptian mare standing 15hh, very correct and beautiful in everyway.. she is a rare Straight Egyptian daughter of both her sire and dam and will be a permanant resident of Allyndah's Straight Egyptian breeding program.      Dancer is an exceptional producing mare and an asset to our stud.

Elrebel Sundancer - 29-5-11


**Allyndah Egyptian Diva**

CA, SCID & LFS Clear

Sire:  Joda Al Alshal - (Joda Aly Dahr x Joda Desert Alivia)
Dam: Allyndah Egyptian Rose - (Alshinfarahh x Jaytee Exquisite)

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Diva has arrived and everything we expected from this amazing cross of bloodlines..  Born on 5-10-12 she arrived at 4am, 11 days early and as strong as an ox and she is BAY and will stay bay... Very beautiful with a gorgeous short dishy head with beautiful big black eye's and those pixie tippy ears.. Diva is a treasured filly and will stay with us. 

Photo of Diva with her dam taken on 31-3-13

Egyptian Diva - Photo taken 1-1-2013

Photo taken:  1-1-2013

**Allyndah Egyptian Tahani**

CA, SCID & LFS Clear

Sire: Joda Al Alshal (Joda Aly Dahr x Joda Desert Alivia)
Dam: Jaytee Exquisite (The Fugitive Imp x Arabian Park Bentina)

Bay & Beautiful, another quality daughter of our treasured broodmare Jaytee Exquisite.

**Tahani has been positive pregnancy tested in foal to our Cremello colt for either a Buckskin or Palomino foal of 95.3% Arabian Blood**  This foal will be offered for sale. Foal due September 2014.

**Amira So'dah**

Sire: Shado's Shetahn (Simeon Shados x Durra Sasse)
Dam: Rothlynne Karess (WH Kadeen Imp x Mahleesa)

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Gorgeous BLACK Straight Egyptian broodmare measuring 14.2hh.  Beautiful nature and very well conformed mare.  Hopefully she will produce some amazing black straight Egyptian foals for us in the future.

**Amira will be bred to the amazing BLACK Straight Egyptian imported Stallion "RNZ Scorza" Imp (Simeon Saraaf x Hu Alimaana Imp) this 2013 breeding season.  We are hoping to produce a Black SE filly to be retained..  A colt will be offered for sale.


**Joda Al Sharaf**

Sire:  Joda Aly Dahr (The Fugitive Imp x HMT Alidiah imp)
Dam: Tarong Sharaf (Al Karim Sirhalima Imp x Shareefa)

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Joda Al Sharaf - Pics taken Oct 2013

Photo by Niki Davis

Sharaf is a lovely mare in every way measuring 14.3hh.  Beautifully natured and very correct broodmare.  A top producing mare and has produced black.

**Sharaf will be bred to the Straight Egyptian Stallion "True Vision" (True Colours x Eastwinds Elluscion) this 2013 breeding season.

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